Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning beautifies your home and protects your investment. Unlike some home maintenance, windows will remind you they need cleaning at every glance. 


Without regular window washing, chemicals and minerals can build up and etch the glass resulting in water spots. Everything looks better, inside and out when your windows are crystal clear. 


Exterior window tracks are brushed clean of debris and flashings and frames are brushed to remove spider webs and debris.


Windows are carefully and thoroughly washed by hand using a soft strip washer. This is followed by streak-free squeegeeing, taking care to detail each window followed by a courtesy wiping of any water on sills or edges and inside tracks. We use drop clothes where required to not damage carpets or floors.


No matter the size of your house we take pride in giving attention to detail for a difference you can see!

Mindful of Your Property Inside and Out 

Inside Only Footwear. 


Our Company

We have been serving Edmonton and area for the past 25 years. We are a family business. We take great pride in the service we provide to our customers. 

Head Office

Devon, Alberta

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